Saturday, June 20, 2009

What is a horse shoe?

What does a horse shoe do? Are there any horse socks?

NO. There are no horse socks. Why, you ask. Well, it has to do with the whole HORSES DON'T WEAR SHOES. "Horse shoes" look and function nothing like shoes. They are almost like sandals, but still way off. I'm really sick of people saying horse shoe this and horse shoe that. I think it should be changed to horse hoof plates. Aside from the rare few who would wonder why anyone would eat off something a horse's hoof had been on, there would be little confusion.
This new name would also make the game more fun. We all throw shoes (on our feet, into the closet, at our loved ones) but when do you ever throw plates? If I didn't have so many frisbees laying around, I probably would, but I consider that an exception. Kids around the globe would make this game the new hottest thing, like the iphone or my little pony. "Hey mom, I'm going out to throw plates with my friends!" Who could resist?
And where was Mr. Ed during all this naming business? The one horse that can talk human chooses to "not have an opinion" on the subject. If I were a horse, I would have kicked his big horse butt for letting this one slide. Oh phooey.

I think a horse sock should be the term for sock larger then soccer socks.

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The Shoppe Keeper said...

I personally enjoy throwing them at my loved ones. You in particular, love!