Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games: archery in the future?

This movie looks soooo awesome, but...
the opposite of what I just said.

I'm no archery expert, but from one of the main promotional pictures, something looks off, and I have a few guesses at why:
  • This character is learning the sport of archery, and this photo was taken when she started.
  • This is practice and she's simulating a firing solution by pointing her finger at the target. (circle)
  • In the future, when this film takes place, the economic meltdown of north america has modified the laws of physics, and this is now the proper draw of a bow (are the two lines equal length?)

And the there's a possibility that the film ran over budget and could not ___________________________.

A) hire an archery instructor
B) pay for internet access to google "how to shoot a bow"
C) afford gasoline or a ride in a rickshaw to the local library to look at a picture book on archery

Now, the movie might not turn out to be that bad. I might also find $20 on the sidewalk today, but both have rather slim chances of becoming reality.

I'm still crossing my fingers on the $20 one...