Sunday, July 5, 2009

Million Dollar Ideas: Water Bed Pants

"Water bed pants. Here's how to order..." Without any explanation, they already have you sold. Everyone likes water beds, and everyone wears pants (you don't have to like them) so why not put them together!? They go together like peanut butter and jelly, a bow and arrow, and pepperoni on your tombstone. My only question is, why did no one think of this before?

That's right folks. They haven't been invented, because I'm a genius and the people who invent stuff are lesser geniuses. But enough about my awesomeness, and back to the product.

Water bed pants are like regular pants, but better! They have an outer layer the fills up with water, and an inner layer that keeps you dry. Every time you sit down, it's like you're sitting on a water bed! Hard chair = water bed. Rock = water bed. You can't loose! And that's not all.

Home made, PORTABLE aquarium!
(stick to gold fish and small turtles)

Life Preserver! Just fill them with air instead of water! It's that easy!

The possibilities are endless. I've got a few more that are fresh in my mind which do not have pictures.
  • The jello option
  • Helium legs
  • Shaved ice (requires a large freezer)
  • Water bed knee pads
Stop wearing boring pants, stop wearing a boring life.


John Meyers said...

Your last drawing is incorrect. The guy should be head in the water and feet in the air--which is what would happen if the pants were filled with air.
I hope the invention includes a good lawyer.

OnlyMeyers said...

Updated. No lawyers required.

Anonymous said...

Waterbed with gold fish inside would be much better