Friday, July 31, 2009

Million Dollar Ideas: Bad Idea Hat

We all have friends that have kept us from doing stupid things, like canoeing in a lightning storm or drinking the entire can of concentrate. Unfortunately, due to work, sleep and other stuff, those friends can't keep you in check all the time. Now who's going to persuade you to do the right thing?

Never fear! The Bad Idea Hat is here!
It's everything you wanted, AND MORE!

Since crickets can't talk, and I've never meet a cricket named Jiminy, I've created the next best thing. The Bad Idea Hat straps to your head, and links directly with your brain. When you think a bad idea, the hat sends electric signals to your arm which persuades you to rethink your actions.Say goodbye to:
  • using your cell phone while driving
  • smoking in front of children
  • picking your nose too much
  • borrowing money with your car title
And much much more!

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