Friday, July 31, 2009

Blankets. Not just for warmth.

A long time in the sun doing yard work sucks. A long time in the sun doing any work sucks. Going inside isn't an end to the agony. The A/C may be nice, you can't sit anywhere! No one wants a pool of sweat seeping through the butt grove of their couch or recliner. Walking upstairs to take a shower is out of the question, as you are exhausted from working outside. What ever will you do!?

Look no further, as the magical interwebs have provided me with a solution:

YES! It's Shire's Arctic Blast Cooling Rug! It's so big, it can fit a horse! Never be caught without one folks. This may seem like opposite day, but it's not. They make blankets that cool you down now. With this new invention I believe the scientists can get closer to the sun without over heating, which is a big problem.

Has anyone seen my meds?

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