Monday, October 26, 2009

Land of the Lost: Richmond Style

Where do hobos come from? What do hobos do all day? When they get hungry, do they eat pigeons? If hobos stopped eating pigeons, would pigeon overpopulation threaten city life as we know it?

Some may consider the hobos a spark of character for the city, or a "fact of life" when living in an urban environment. Personally, I think hobos bring as much character as a herd of rabid ally cats. (I'd hate to be the shepard of that herd. Sorry, no picture.)

I can only think of two possible solutions to this problem/crisis which plagues the city.

PLAN A: Hobo Zoo
Take all the hobos and put them in a zoo. Works for me.
"Mom, what's that smell?"
"I think it's the elephant cage, dear. No. No, it's the hobo cage.

Unfortunately, due to "the economy" this isn't an option.

PLAN B: Mars Rover meets RoboCop

Richmond VA.
The jewel of Virginia, that doesn't look much like a jewel, because it's covered in trash and hobo urine.

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