Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Saw the Sign...

Exit signs are unique. Small glowing red signs that stay lit all the time, day or night, power or no power. Whether there is an emergency or not, they let you know how to get from inside to outside with minimal thought. Great idea, don't you think? I sure do. That's why I think the work needs more signs like the exit sign.Yes, most places have bathroom signs, but is that enough? They don't catch the eye like the glowing exit sign, and if you're behind a corner, there isn't a sign to tell you which direction to go. What if the power goes out and you need to go to the bathroom? Would you just take a do do on the floor? What if the lights come back on, and someone catches you popping a squat, and records it with there cell phone? What if they put that recording on youtube, and you boss sees it. What if your boss declares that bathrooms are unnecessary, turns them into more cubicles and makes everyone use the hallway for there "business"? What if the janitorial staff doesn't clean it up because "it's not in the contract"???
You would have to spend half your paycheck on air fresheners, and you'd probably contract a deadly disease or two.

Less exit signs, more bathroom signs. Call your congressman today!

(I would have made this a million dollar idea, but I fear the profit potential could undermine the dire importance.)

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