Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BOIL HIM IN [olive] OIL!

"...but don't pay too much for it. We're on a budget, guys"

Really Kroger? Really? I know it's a sale, and sales change, but who in the world would buy the smaller bottle? Is there a prize at the bottom? Do I get a monopoly piece with every purchase? Save the whales??? WHY!?

Ok. 9 question marks is my limit. Now, to the person reading this post that's saying to themselves, "I don't WANT 50 oz of olive oil. I only WANT 25 oz of olive oil and I'll be damned if the price makes me change my mind!"

Next time you're at Kroger, buying olive oil, give me a call and i'll meet you there. We'll pour half of the 50oz container into another container which I will bring with me. Then, at the checkout station, insist that you pay the extra 62 cents for the smaller bottle. WIN - WIN.

And maybe we'll high-five in the parking lot. Maybe we won't. Only one way to find out. *wink wink*

sorry for the extra question marks.

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