Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not for the Habitual Grass Cutter

Lawn moving is something that we've all been brainwashed trained to do often. Did you ever wonder if you were doing the right thing? Did you ever question this monotonous act of delawnation? It may seem like a stretch, but the manufacturers of fertilizers, lawn mowers, and ankle socks are in cahoots to keep you mindlessly trimming, all the livelong day.

Well folks, if you can afford the anxiety medications to let your lawn grow out a bit, just look what fun you can have! The possibilities are plentiful!

If you can't have fun with your lawn, you'd might as well pave it over and draw grass on it with chalk.
Hey, that could be fun too!

1 comment:

Mrs. 5C said...

Rob: "That's... interesting?"
Sarah: "It's so fun!"
Rob: "I just can't figure out what possessed him to do that?"
Sarah: "He's Stephen!"
Rob: "Good point."

I love the graphic modern meadow!