Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Urinal Cake! Who's Birthday?

Probably someone we don't like.

So I think I could totally make some money writing jingles for urinal cake manufacturers. I'm not sure how large the market is, but it can't be too small. I mean, half of the population has the option of using a urinal on a regular basis, and I'm sure at least a few million choose to do so. Anywho, here we go:

Bathroom stinks
Don't know what to do
Just un-zip
To fight the awful poo

Pee on a urinal cake!
Let go of the hate
Pee on a urinal cake!
Choose your own fate

Just wet it down
To release that aroma
Mail us today
For your urinal diploma!

Pee on a urinal cake!
Don't breath the stink
Pee on a urinal cake!
Take a piss on the pink

One of these days I'll put it to a catchy tune. Until then, do the world a favor: Have your cake and pee on it too.

All urinal cakes must wash hands returning to work.

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