Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games: archery in the future?

This movie looks soooo awesome, but...
the opposite of what I just said.

I'm no archery expert, but from one of the main promotional pictures, something looks off, and I have a few guesses at why:
  • This character is learning the sport of archery, and this photo was taken when she started.
  • This is practice and she's simulating a firing solution by pointing her finger at the target. (circle)
  • In the future, when this film takes place, the economic meltdown of north america has modified the laws of physics, and this is now the proper draw of a bow (are the two lines equal length?)

And the there's a possibility that the film ran over budget and could not ___________________________.

A) hire an archery instructor
B) pay for internet access to google "how to shoot a bow"
C) afford gasoline or a ride in a rickshaw to the local library to look at a picture book on archery

Now, the movie might not turn out to be that bad. I might also find $20 on the sidewalk today, but both have rather slim chances of becoming reality.

I'm still crossing my fingers on the $20 one...


Anonymous said...

When you aim your bow, you have to tilt it which explains why the bow string seems to be non symmetrical in the picture.

She was trained by an olympic archer by the way.

Just some information.

OnlyMeyers said...

Anonymous, please take a picture of someone correctly drawing a bow AT ANY ANGLE to recreate what we are seeing in the photo above.

and, by the way, that olympic archer must suck at teaching.

-Amelia--> said...

I just got into archery and don't like watching movies. It pains me to think that the reason my archery class was filled up may have something to do with the Hunger Games (the movie, probably not the book) :/ Also, might I note- I have not pinned any photos of her on my archery board. ( )

Anonymous said...

Don't just a movie from a promo still.

She learned to shoot properly from an Olympian instructor. You can be sure that if the DP thought a given shot would "look cooler" done differently, they would have her do it the "cooler" way immediately, technically correct or not.

This photo is clearly a poor example (the arrow isn't even on the rest) of proper shooting, so you can be sure she wasn't actually trying to shoot in this photo, but rather was striking the pose requested of her.

The movie actually portrayed real archery in a reasonable way (for a movie)... MOST of the time. (there were glaring exceptions, as always)

Shannon Winkowski said...

I'm an archery instructor for children. I'm not a pro, but I can assure that you can't aim for shit if the arrow is lined up below your face.

You aim with your eye. Not with your neck. Even my children know this.

Anonymous said...

I'm an archer and coach. What you're seeing here is an amalgamation of several different techniques drawn from barebow, longbow and olympic freestyle, purely to make the shot look "cool" to anyone who isn't an archer. @Shannon, what you say is correct for barebow technique. She's not aiming with the arrow but with the sight aids on the bow a few inches further up, hence the use of the chin as a reference point.

On the whole, the archery in the Hunger Games was fairly acceptable, compared to some others I could name *ahem*Hawkeye in Avengers*ahem*

Mark said...

I am also an archery instructor on traditional bows (longbow and composite shortbow) and I teach instinct shooting. I have been doing archer for over 20 years.

You definitely don't have to aim with your eyes, fingers or anything for that matter. Ishi (the yaki indian) was able to shoot hands held to the front, shooting sideways while squatting and hitting the squirrel from 20 feet.

I totally agree of the original post this is a crap photo maybe even photoshoped.

1. Pointing fingers while can be done, not very advisable as you have longer runway for the arrow, there is more friction, plus the fletching can cut your skin in more places. It does help some people who tries to aim.
2. Yes, usually you tilt the bow especially the traditional ones, so the arrow won't slide off. However if you have the arrow running out on the left side of the bow (as on the picture) you tilt the bow to the right.
If you tilt the bow to the right, the top part would be closer to the photographer and the bottom part further away. If it is a normal lens, the proportion of the top part and the bottom part of the string from the hand would not changed only if you take the picture very close and there would be a distortion. Or if the top (or bottom) part of the bow would point towards the photographer - which is not the case. I agree, there is something very wrong with the proportions here.
BTW on the picture the bow is not tilted, you can see on the pulling hand. The fingers are exactly one above the other.

3. The biggest problem however that not even the original post mentioned is the arrow itself that is actually beside the shooters hand! Totally uncontrollable where the arrow would fly. (usually it happens when the archer squeezes on the arrow with the pulling fingers.)

A few more details that are not mistakes but worth to recognize:
4. Her posture is nice, shoulders, arms are nice too. The head tilted slightly to the right suggests she is aiming by looking into the arrow(tip).
She is using the chin not as a 'reference' point (?) but as an anchor point to rest the hand before shooting (typical sport archery element, but you see it with trad. archery as well)

All in all, this picture most likely photoshoped. Sorry don't be surprised, in LOTR Legolas was NOT firing any arrows in reality, all of his arrows were CGI. Also at the siege of Helm's Deep there were no strings on the bows. All of those and the arrows were CGI as well...
No wonder why movies look so crappy.

Seeing the movie I agree the archery came through acceptable mostly because of her straight a posture that definitely shows she got some lesson beforehand.

Good luck for her with further training! :-)

Anonymous said...

A point, in the movie, she doesn't drop her finger till she is ready to loose the arrow.

More than likely, this was just a promo shoot, and she was goofing off and the photographer fell in love with it, as the arrow is resting wonky.

Other than that, I agree with Mark.

Vicmoura said...

You guys should check out lars andersen and instinctive shoting. I don't like this hunger games movies but the character may not be using academic trainning. A bowyer should be able to shot at any axys and with instinctive shoting technique you look just like that.