Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WW3 Driving Ace

On my way to work this morning, I had a thought. Two intriguing things combined make good fantasy plot lines. For example, space - western. WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK? Well, it's my turn now. Let's give it a whirl with things that I find interesting, shall we?

Combat pilots
(Thanks to many hours infront of the History Channel)
How cool are these guys!? They mark their aircraft every time they take out an enemy. I should mark my flyswatter every time I take out a flying insect. Minor victories, but victories none the less.

 Pedestrians Points
(Thanks to living near a college campus)
The points you would obtain for hitting pedestrians with your car. Different people are worth different points depending on the hilarity or horribleness of their being targeted. (But usually both).
Dude, go for that woman with the stroller. If you get them both it's 25 pedestrian points!

Stupid bikers need to stay out of the road! They're not even worth the points you get for taking them out.
Now, with the 2 combined, we get Driving Aces!
Let's put decals on our cars for people we run over. OH WAIT... I've already seen a few on the road, generally on larger vehicles (vans, suvs) but I'm sure smaller cars can over take their temporary dominance.

+2 for the fish

+5 for Hawaiian shirts shorts?

+20 for the surfer/skier combo

zombies count double


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