Thursday, October 14, 2010

Million Dollar Ideas: iPood - For Babies

Are you tired of your baby not being as cool and hip as other babies on your block? Ever feel like the other babies are making fun of your baby because they have more toys and gadgets? Well worry no more! I've got a product that will say "I'm a techo-hip baby" and "My parents don't have to smell me" in one snazy gadget.

The iPood - For Babies

Go no longer with your nose in your child's diaper. The iPood sits comfortably in your babies diaper and offers an easy to read screen detailing every poopy moment. When the time comes, the iPood will play music and flash, alerting the 2 senses least appalled by baby feces, that it's time for a change.

This clever device also has a memory feature to record these moments for you to cherish and re-live when you find yourself missing "the baby years."

The "iPotted - For Older Folk" might not do as well, but the market is rich.

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